When to Drink Kombucha

by Amrit B

All day, every day. AM to PM.

Bhu can be had any time of the day, for different reasons. For newbies in the land of rich-probiotic culture, the advice is to start with lesser quantity (100ml at first) to see how your body & gut respond to it. The gut does a lot of talking (gurl doesn't shut up! Which we don't mind to be honest) and 99% of it is pure facts. Listen to it!
We love having Bhu all day, but you could especially have it

~ In the AM, on an empty stomach, to help enhance detoxification & balance your body’s pH.

~ In the PM, to boost your energy & improve digestion.
~ In the late PM, as a mixer.
Children under 4 & lactating mothers should consult a doctor before drinking. Fermentation causes trace amounts of ABV and contains LIVE bacteria. Take control of your gut health, shop Bhu Kombucha or find us at a stockist near you. Follow us on Instagram to find pretty pictures of flowers or join our community on a journey to expand our mental, physical, spiritual, gastronomical or political consciousness.