About Us

~ भू • (bhū́) (noun) • the act of becoming or arising; the place of being, space, world or universe ~

Bhuvan Kumari Devi Bhu Kombucha
Bhu Kombucha is crafted in New Delhi, nurtured by the power of our mothers and the earth. Bhu is bhumi. It’s made of century old wisdom. Like the Earth, Bhu empowers you to heal yourself.

"Bhu" is derived from our great grandmother’s name Bhuvan Kumari Devi, an exceptionally inspiring Nepali Princess.

Bhu is the story of our mothers and their mothers. Like them, Bhu nourishes & empowers.

Bhu is honesty in a bottle

Made with clean ingredients chosen equally for their benefits and flavours, Bhu Kombucha is defined by a meticulous brewing process.

But what we really love to talk about is how Bhu is simply a great drink to drink.

Good feelings, inside and out

Bhu Kombucha Scoby

Bhu Kombucha brings to you all the benefits of green tea’s antioxidants magnified by our 21-day fermentation.

Drinking Bhu on the reg ✨ brings all that good gut bacteria to the yard to aid digestion and those happy yummy tummy feels. It’s called the power of probiotics ✨

And if that's not enough for you, just because you're a hard audience to crack, Bhu Kombucha also helps boost metabolism, aid muscle recovery with all the power of vitamin B, increases energy via an influx of iron and helps improve your mood and sleep.

Warning: fun times ahead 

Bhu Kombucha is a fun, smart alternative to sugary soda pops and a yum, no-fuss cocktail mixer.

Bhu also blends beautifully in smoothies, dressings and marinades. Follow us on Instagram to see how we experiment with Bhu at our bar & kitchen.