Happy mircobiome, happy you 🌸

by Amrit B

By Rishi Dhingra 
We have trillions of good bacteria living in our body.
We have more bacteria in our body than our own human cells.
And the majority of these live in our gut. This wonderful universe in our gut is called a microbiome, and it’s constantly at work cleansing us, stimulating immunity, building vitamins and keeping pathogens out of our system — it has an entire consciousness of its own. 

image by  Marie Conigliaro 

Our gut provides for us, like the earth. And the bacteria living within our body are like the human occupants of earth. We need to create in our gut-iverse a cosy, safe home, and keep all our bacteria well fed and nourished, just like we need to protect the Earth against greenhouse gases, population explosions, pollution, and deforestation that manifest as global warming, disease, and shortage of consumable resources.

If your microbiome gets damaged say from a bad diet, stress, inactivity or medications (antibiotics), you can kill off enough of the microbiome that it physically damages the intestine, making holes in it, letting junk leak into your bloodstream, resulting in a host of chronic infections and related symptoms. This is leaky gut syndrome.

A combination of systemic inflammation and leaky gut causes the food you eat to not be efficiently absorbed for their nutrient content. This cascades as negative feedback over a lifetime in an individual. The body will heal itself if we let it, by removing the offending items, fixing diet and lifestyle. However, a nutrient-rich whole-food diet helps the body do this, by reducing inflammation and stimulating the immune system. This, along with removing the offending things you’re doing to yourself, you’ll see that you heal faster than it took you to develop the condition in the first place. That is the beauty of healing. 

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